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Humane Society of Schoolcraft County
PO Box 1496
Manistique, Michigan 49854




Canine Tenants
If interested please call 341-1000

If your pet is lost or missing,
please remember to call:
Humane Society: 341-1000
Sheriff: 341-2122
City Police: 341-2133
This Page Was Last Updated: 8-27-2000

Name: Shotsie
Age: 2 1/2 yr. old
Sex: Female
Breed/color: Walker-coon-Hound mix
Spayed/Neutered: no
Housebroken: yes
Comments: Very active dog, needs lots of exercise! Real sweet. Has had manners training. Good with everyone.
Name: Priscella
Age: 8 month's
Sex: female
Breed/color: Husky/Lab mix
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Comments: Adult home only, likes adults, smart & friendly blue eyes!
Name: Clifford
Age: 2 Years Old
Sex: Male
Breed/color: Chow/Collie mix
Spayed/Neutered: ?
Housebroken: Yes
Comments: Cute younger dog with great personality.
Name: Lady
Age: 10 month's
Sex: Female
Breed/color: Sheltie/Retriever mix
Spayed/Neutered: no
Housebroken: yes
Comments: Real sweet dog, gentle, friendly with adults, ready for a new home. Adult home only.
Name: Angus
Age: 2/3
Sex: Male
Breed/color: Black Lab
Spayed/Neutered: No
Housebroken: Yes
Comments: Very large black lab, needs lots of exercise. Friendly.
Name: Sid
Age: 1 -1/2 yr old
Sex: male
Breed/color: Beagle
Spayed/Neutered: no
Housebroken: Comments: Very nice little beagle, well behaved, minds good.
Name: Fifi
Age: 2 yr old
Sex: female
Breed/color: Border Collie mix
Spayed/Neutered: no
Housebroken: yes
Comments: HIghly intellegent dog, freindly. Home without other female dogs.

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