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Paxton & KC's Web Page
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About Paxton & KC---

K.C. is our newest family member. He is a Shetland Sheepdog. He arrived at our house on 6/28/2000. He was 6 weeks old then. The picture at the right is him with his big brother Paxton.

KC is a little firecracker! Ready to take on the world! He is a sable & white sheltie.

His older brother Paxton who turned 1 on June 1rst is our first Sheltie. Paxton has the best temprament I have ever seen in a dog. He is very mello for a Sheltie. He welcomes the new family member and can't wait for him to grow so they can have some fun.

Paxton has gone to obiedience class and to beginners agility class. He loves agility. The pup will also be introduced to agility when he is older.

It is such a joy to own two Shelties!!

Paxton & KC live with an older Lhaso Apso and 6 cats. They all get along!

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