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The American Club

Kohler, Wi


We had a great time at The American Club in Kohler, Wi. Below I have included some history of the place that is furnished in all the rooms. The rooms all honor a past American who left an impression on America. We had the Tom Thumb room. Each room has a picture of the person it represents. We thought this was a nice touch. Please enjoy our report!



Walter J. Kohler, Sr., founded his namesake city in 1917 when he decided that nearby Sheboygan didn't offer the right environment for his new plumbing manufacturing plant. The village, built to Kohler's specifications, included shops, homes, recreational facilities and The American Club, a luxurious Tudor-style mansion to house his new factory's immigrant workers. Later, The American Club would host several celebrities in the ensuing decades, including Mary Martin and Admiral Richard Byrd. The site was evan added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

The American Club as it is known today is largely the vision of Herbert V. Kohler, Jr., grandson of the original founder. In the late 1970's, Herbert decided to reinvent The American Club as a luxury resort, while paying homage to the workers for whom the building was originally designed. Additional wings were added, but each was built in a red-brick Tudor style designed to blend with the original structure. The results of this refurbishment helped the inn achieve the highly respected "5-Diamond" Award from the American Automobile Association. While its days of housing newly arrived immigrants have long since passed, The American Club is still committed to offering its guests the finest in lodging, meals and hospitality.

Tidbits about the hotel:

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Day One-Arrival

Day Two

Day Three-Final Thoughts




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